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• WOW!!! You want me to tell you what I think....let'ssee....incredible!!! They are gorgeous!! Can't believe that is me!!WOW!! Thank you...thank you...thank you...thank you!!! You made melook so pretty :)!!! ~Buffie


I really love them!!! You are awesome!!!! I want to show my fiance sobad...but I can't until after the wedding. ~Andrea Nadine


You have a great eye for taking beautiful photographs. Since photographers are everywhere now, it's really refreshing to see someone that really has a true talent. Keep up your excellent work! ~Jacqueline


Billy, Sunday was a fantastic shoot. The images that you captured are amazing. It was a all around great experience for me. Love to so it again sometime. You have a great eye and if by chance you ever need me to shoot just let me know. Once again it was a great pleasure to have worked with you. . ~Bishop Mayhem ##365535

Helen D

• (1 Shoot)Had a lot of fun shooting today. Thank you for that! (2nd Shoot) Great fun, as always, working with you for the brief time I got to be there today. Thanks for giving me permission to have a blast! ~Helen D Mayhem #474893


I had a great time shooting yesterday! Very eventful... loved it. We laughed pretty much the whole time. ~Felina xoxox


hey doll love the pics and it was a delite to meet and work with you love ur style rock on with ur bad ass self xo ~ christie

Andrea V

Thanks so much!! I can't wait to shoot again!! Have a great weekend:) ~Andrea V

3Jay Productions

You were a pleasure to work with, thanks for the location. Outside of the insects it was beautiful, lol! Can't wait to see the finished images. Thanks for making "Breath of Fresh Air" come to life! ~3Jay Productions

Mina Mori

Thank you for another great shoot! You are easily one of my favorite people to work with, and I look forward to another shoot . . . once it warms up a bit. ~Mina Mori #594468


Yeah! I had a blast today. You are an amazing photographer! I know we got some great shots. I'm excited to see what we came out with. :) Thanks for everything! ~Melissa #77418


Had a BLAST!!! can't WAIT to do it again!!!!!!!!! ~Savannah Nights #791399


• Billy you are so AWESOME I had sooo much FUN shooting today & cant wait to see the Images!! Xo Kara


I really enjoyed working with you and the pictures turned out amazing. So if you are ever in the Fayettville area and would like to do some more work then just let me know.Hope all is well for you. ~Cooley K.I.T.


WOW!!! You want me to tell you what I think....let's see....incredible!!! They are gorgeous!! Can't believe that is me!! WOW!! Thank you...thank you...thank you...thank you!!! You made me look so pretty :)!!! ~Buffie #805712


I really love them!!! You are awesome!!!! I want to show my fiance so bad...but I can't until after the wedding. ~Andrea Nadine


They turned out great, by the way. Thanx a lot! Thanx!!!! I love them. I really enjoyed working with you and the pictures came out awsome!!!! Thanks for everything!!!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! ~kendra dyer #867242

Lindsay M

I cant wait to shoot with you again may I have another glorious chance to do so. thank you so much for making the trip to work with me. you were a blast and no it wont be two more years again..haha Lindsay M


Thanks Billy. You are very easy to work with and I think the photos are going to be amazing! Can't wait to work again together. Whenever the next Purgatory show comes into town ;) You are so talented and the amazing thing is, you don't even know realize how much! I am in love with the photos. It was so difficult picking out my favorites. I can't wait for shoot #2! ~Jeanna2001


i just wanted to say thanks a billion for coming with us yesterday!!! ...and for unloading your trunk 4 times... and driving us 2 hours... and stopping to get us lunch... and keeping us warm... and carrying heavy crap... and being patient while we complained... etc... lol Hope it wasn't too much of a pain for you... and i hope you managed to get some good shots too! Talk to you soon!!!! ~ Leigh

Pretty Things Peep Show

Thanks for adding all those Fabulous photos of us! See ya at the next show! ~Pretty Things Peep Show

Chelbie Lynn

oh yea i meant to tell you that I LOVE THEM!!! we are a great team!!!! ~ Chelbie Lynn

Rose Vixen

they turned out pretty good ^^ i found a few that i like the most so ill go thru them again and get the numbers for you to work ur magic on, lol ^^ i had a great time and cant wait till next shoot! i was comfortable so it was easy to laugh. I had a great time shooting with you! I absolutely love the ones you put together, they're like a story ^^ ~ Rose Vixen

Bettina May Pretty Things Peep Show

Hi Billy, I love the photos you took of the Pretty Things show in Spartanburg, and wondered if you'd mind if I used a couple of them in our tour program? I think some of the above photos would make good show posters also. Great shots!! You have a real knack for capturing live performance, it's a hard thing to do! Let me know, xoxo ~ Bettina May Pretty Things Peep Show.

Shane Elks

Thank you so much for posting those photos...and all the amazing photos you have ever taken of us! We are always stunned by your ability to really show our good sides and easily portray our artistry on stage for others to immediately understand! We must do a shoot with you sometime....the possibilities would undoubtedly be endless! We are so blessed to have such an amazing photographer take interest in us and we really do hope you know how thankful we are that you share your images with us and help our promotions! We always tell people your name and make sure if we ever post a photo of yours that it still has your signature at the bottom! Will definitely be in touch soon for a shoot and what not! And always feel free to say hello when out and about! Respect and glitter, ~ Shane Elks (The Bombshell & Mr. Red)

Samantha McCutcheon McGowan

I had seen Billy's picture's before and thought they were awsome!! I wanted something special for my husband for our 1st anniversary. After looking on the internet and finding that paper was a symbol for the 1st anniversary, I decided to do pictures. I didn't want to go to a studio in town because it always seems to be the same thing. I contacted Billy and set up a date and time. Billy and I also talked about some ideas that I had and how we could make them work. I was a little nervous because I don't think I am a very good picture person. They day for the pics came and I was so suprised!! I felt very comfortable! We laughed and talked the whole time. He was letting me look at some of the pictures as he took them. He made me feel awsome about myself. When we were finished, we sat down and he uploaded the pictures to his laptop and we looked at them. I was amazed!! The were the best pictures I have ever taken! I would recomend Billy to anyone wanting pictures taken for any reason. I will be shooting with him again in the future! His rates are great as well. My husband loved his present! ~Samantha McCutcheon McGowan

Brad & Samantha Owens

OMG I LOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM SO MUCH!! We all LOVED Billy & he did an awesome job!!! ~ Brad & Samantha Owens

Tabitha Nelson-Cuyar

I just wanted to say great job on the pictures, I had a lot of fun, although it was freezing :). I need to order a couple from you ~ Tabitha Nelson-Cuyar


billy the most consistent thing i hear is you're one of the best event photographers working the business today. i think some of the comments drop in frequency from people seeing the new galleries and thinking he's awesome, as always. ~ Torch Scp


Amanda Ferguson Billy, all i can say is your are an AMAZING ARTIST/PHOTOGRAPHER. You picture things through your lens that I can only imagine to make on a file!! You posting all those images in your boudoir album reminded me of that!! You are simply amazing and one heck of a talented photographer!! People are CRAZY if they dont book with you! ~ Amanda Ferguson


I love them Billy, you did an awesome job!! Thank you! ~ Michelle Lee


Look at my big ole belly! lol. I am so glad we did that shoot! Even if I did smell of swamp, and had little frogs hopping on me. ~ Alexandrea Johnson

Robbie McEwen

The most kick ass photographer in the history of forever~ if you don't know him you should get to know him. I think I may get his logo "Liner Designs LLC Model's Proofs" tattooed on my ass. ~ Robbie McEwen

Dianna Brown

So there are many talented photographers out there. Regardless
of "employment" as a "real photographer", regardless of the
he said- she said drama and controversy that comes with any group of people with similar (and
conflicting) interests and ideas, regardless of the amount of time a person has
been a photographer, there is a ridiculous amount of talent out there. True,
not everyone can be a photographer, but one must recognize talent when it slaps
them in the face. Mr. Billy Liner is a true professional and artist. His work
speaks for itself. If his art doesn't speak loud enough for the ears deafened
by jealousy or any other superficial prejudice to hear, his awards,
credentials, references, experiences, and the amount of dedication he applies to his craft add volume to the epic story of his
work. I'm beyond grateful that I can count The Fantastic Mr. Liner as one of my
friends and I hope to one day be a part of masterful photography. ~ Dianna Brown

Williams Family

man just wanted to let you know that you did a great job with us. ~ Kevin Williams I would! You did great w/ my girls and esp. w/ Ramie being autistic, you knew her weakness!!! You're the man!!! :) Thanks again for being so great to all of us!!! Love the way you're willing to do anything to get a great shot!!! You're awesome!!! ~ Gretchen Williams

Savannah Eaddy

thank you so much for coming such a long way and staying so long. you don't know how awesome you are!!!!! I hope you made it home safe and know mike and I love you. thanks again!!!! so so so much!! I couldn't have asked for better!!! ~ Savannah Eaddy

Taylor Fitch

I really like them a lot!! I love how eerie the background is. The pictures look great! Thanks! I really enjoyed working with you and hope to meet again in the future! ~ Taylor Fitch

Heidi Zimmer

Loving my pics, and so is everyone else. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Heidi Zimmer

PoleFit Carolinas

Special thanks to Billy Liner for the fantastic job in making our beautiful students' day with his amazing photography and Heather Alexander for making them into sexy pole goddesses!! ~ PoleFit Carolinas

Client K

I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to participate in today's valentine photo shoot. Billy was extremely professional and I am amazed with what he can do with a camera. I would never have imagined that he could capture such incredible photos of me. The whole experience today was magical - from the awesome hair & makeup to the sensual photography. It's been the first time in years I have felt so sexy and alive. This has been an experience that I will never forget!!!! I also wanted to let you know that I was a nervous wreck when I first got there. I had no idea what to do and my lack of model experience really showed. Thank god Star was there to give me pointers. She helped me in every way imaginable. And Heidi keep encouraging me throughout the shoot. I am sure my husband will absolutely die when he sees how good I can look with some help. You and your studio have been instrumental to improving my live in many ways. Thank you. Fondly, ~ Client K


Hi Billy - just wanted to send you a quick note to extend my heartfelt thanks for making our event a success. You made the girls comfortable (and that is very important) and we appreciated your patience and stamina! ~ Judy


i'm going through them now i LOVE them!! This is incredible! I love them. Thank you so much for shooting with me!! Special thanks to Billy Liner and all his hard work! ~Kellie

Nikki Nefarious

The awesome Billy Liner took this photo forever ago, I think he should keep taking photos and not retire, what do you think? Well hun you made magic with this photo of me, especially in a time of my life when I felt less than confident. You did this without even thinking because it does come so naturally to you. Keep up the good work! ~ Nikki Nefarious

Pole Fit

Yes. M could hardly resist the urge to give her pics to her hubby that same night! C loves them too, of course. K picked hers up, and said that the shots you took were some of the best she ever had of herself. She is in the bad habit of shredding pics of herself that make her unhappy, and only has 6 photos of herself from her whole lifetime! I think these will avoid the shredder. The rest of the ladies pick up today. Great job! ~ Pole Fit

Go Go Amy

We'd love you to shoot the show. You took the best stage shots we've ever seen. Thanks so much for the pics. I was able to take a quick look at it and I LOVE them. I need to update the website soon so these will be really helpful for me. ~ Go Go Amy

Union Daily Times

Buffalo’s Billy Liner lends his unique vision to the interpretation of mundane, everyday objects. Union Daily Times


Hi Billy hope all is well. Wish I could replicate you in Atlanta. HAd a photo shoot this weekend only to find out later that the photographers retouching skills are non-existent. Would you be willing to retouch photos? How much would you charge to retouch photographs? If not do you know anyone who would be willing? Me: I was just in Atlanta 3 weeks ago shooting for an agency. How many shots do you have? Im not sure yet they havent given me the non blurry usable shots yet. I now know all the things to ask when working with a photographer, working with you was so easy and you were so well prepared it spoiled me. Me: Hate to say it but should have called me. You are right. I never thought to even ask if you were willing to make the trip. Someone told me before always work with the people who deliver quality and try to stay within that circle to avoid pitfalls. Next time I am asking! With the cost of what I paid them and retouching I could have paid for the trip here.


Im looking at them now. and I enjoyed working with you. these are my faves. the ones of me laughing are funny u made me laugh alot thats a good thing really appreciated it i hadnt been able to laugh and enjoy a moment in a long time and i liked working with you. i appreciate it . it made my day better